WebSphere Message Broker Fix Pack available

Finally – All that hard work has paid off and the release is available!

Fix Pack (V7.0 Fix Pack 1) for WebSphere Message Broker v7.0 is now available.

You can see what is new in by looking in the Information Center

  • Simplicity and productivity
    • User-defined patterns
    • Solar Pattern Authoring sample
    • Service Access from WebSphere MQ: one-way pattern
    • Using a subflow as a user-defined node
  • Universal connectivity for SOA
    • New CORBARequest node
    • New CICSRequest node
    • New WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition nodes
    • New DatabaseInput node
    • New SecurityPEP node
    • JMS transport for SOAP nodes
    • Querying WSDL with ?wsdl
    • HTTP nodes can use the embedded listener in an execution group
    • New HTTP Timeout terminal on HTTPInput and SOAPInput nodes
    • Securing the connection to IMS™ by using SSL
    • Propagating security credentials to IMS
    • Closing unused connections to Enterprise Information Systems
    • Propagating security credentials to SAP
    • New WS-Trust V1.3 compliant security token server (STS) support for message flow security

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