BT Infinity – Initial Speed

The engineer has just left and I now have BT Infinity broadband.

The speed below will probably fluctuate (a lot) over the next few days, but 36Mbit/s is pretty impressive:

Certainly an improvement from my previous Virgin broadband

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4 Responses to BT Infinity – Initial Speed

  1. No fair, we get 5 Mb/s tops with a following wind on a dry day…!

    Our village didn’t qualify for anything in BT’s Race to Infinity – though we didn’t do too badly.

  2. It’s just a shame about the upload speed. I know, it’s _A_DSL, but still… am I the only one who does remote backups? Upload speed doesn’t seem to be rising in proportion to the download speed.

  3. Anton Piatek says:

    Andrew – The upload speed on my cheaper option is supposed to be up to 2.5
    There is also a more expensive Infinity option which is up to 10 mbps.

    I also do (a lot) of remote backups, so I will see how I get on on the cheaper one – I may end up upgrading to the 10mbps upload speed version (also unlimited downloads, so maybe the 40Gb cap will get me first)

  4. Paul Tansom says:

    Hmm, I can just about manage 3.5Mb/s and I’m only just outside Portsmouth, so not exactly off the beaten track. I voted in this wonderful race, but sadly our exchange only managed 2130th in the rankings with 155 votes out of 23793 connections. Ah well, it took 5 years from being promised cable to actually getting it. I’d given up and gone on the first of the wires only ADSL trials by then. Perhaps we’ll get it by about 2016!

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