Crowdfunding the Southampton makerspace

So Make It, the Southampton Makerspace, is a volunteer-run non-profit community space for people of all walks of life who like to make things, be they physical, digital or otherwise. Having only existed since March 2013, the Makerspace already has many tools available to use such as a 3D printer, lathe, various drills and saws, angle grinder, welder, soldering irons, printers, guillotines and much more. Besides it’s twice weekly meetups it has also organised a number of events including a soldering workshop, programming course and quadcopter hack day; and hosts a number of groups including electronics (Southackton), 3D printing (So RepRap) and .NET Gadgeteer (Gadgeteer South Coast).

The agreement we have for our space in Southampton is coming to an end in the middle of October, at which point we need to pay for 12 months rent up front. We are asking for donations via a crowd-funding campaign to cover our basic costs for the next year. This will enable us to grow, have more tools and equipment, longer opening hours and more space for more members, more events and more workshops. We will even have our own locked doors and are aiming for 24 hour, seven days a week access for all members!

Please donate to our campaign to keep So Make It around. With your help we can grow bigger and better!


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