Bye bye big blue

After nearly 10 years with IBM, I am moving on… Today is my last day with IBM.

I suppose my career with IBM really started as a pre-university placement at IBM, which makes my time in IBM closer to 11 years.  I worked with some of the WebSphere technical sales and pre-sales teams in Basingstoke, doing desktop support and Lotus Domino administration and application design, though I don’t like to remind people that I hold qualifications on Domino :p

I then joined as a graduate in 2005, and spent most of my time working on Integration Bus (aka Message Broker, and several more names) and enjoyed working with some great people over the years. The last 8 months or so have been with the QRadar team in Belfast, and I really enjoyed my time working with such a great team.

I have done test roles, development roles, performance work, some time in level 3 support, and enjoyed all of it. Even the late nights the day before release were usually good fun (the huge pizzas helped!).

I got very involved with IBM Hursley’s Blue Fusion events, which were incredible fun and a rather unique opportunity to interact with secondary school children.

Creating an Ubuntu-based linux desktop for IBM, with over 6500 installs, has been very rewarding and something I will remember fondly.

I’ve enjoyed my time in IBM and made some great friends. Thanks to everyone that helped make my time so much fun.


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7 Responses to Bye bye big blue

  1. lauracowen says:

    Where to next? Thank you for all your Ubuntu support. Massively appreciated. 🙂 Good luck with whatever you do next!

  2. Jon Levell says:

    So…. where are you going *to*?

  3. dean says:

    Thank you for your great work with OCDC Anton. I probably would not have been one of those 6500 without your efforts. You will be missed.

  4. Chris Allen says:

    Open Client won’t be the same with you! Good luck in your new adventures!

  5. Graham White says:

    Best of luck, Ant!

  6. Greg L says:

    Bye bye Anton. Sad to see you go. Thanks for all your advice and help over the years (ranging from ‘go and check to see what Mr Google thinks’ to spending hours helping me resolve some of the more intractable Ubuntu/Nvidia/Thinkpad technology intersections.) I never did raise the bugs, you advised – bad me!
    I presume you’ll be remaining in your adopted home-town or thereabouts. I hope you really enjoy whatever the future brings. Do stay in touch :o)

    (BTW – who do I now hassle to fix OCDC issues or to let me know the best time to upgrade – or am I obliged to take the RH path now?) ;o)

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